Pianoro is our story.
I Maria, he Marco. We arrived in Castagneto Carducci 20 years ago. We immediately loved this place and we both understood that it was the right place to spend part of our life.He, manager, has dedicated his life to his job, I, his wife, have always supported him in his career.
We have been toghether for 35 years and we share the same rural culture and education, which is typical of the part of Veneto where we are from, and which still survives in that corner of Italy even if today it is mixed with a strong enterpreneurial sense. The wish to fulfil a dream and to live part of our life more close to nature was strong in both of us. The idea arised in 2007, we wanted to live among the hills of Castagneto Cardiucci and Bolgheri, we wanted to enjoy the view of the sea and that wonderful countryside covered with olive trees and vineyards. We wanted to produce our Extra Virgin Olive Oil. And it was so. In January we moved to Pianoro, where our olive trees grow, to produce an excellent oil in very limited quantity.

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