The Manor House is surrounded by five hectares ground planted exclusively with olive trees. It is located at 130 meters high, the climate is sunny and slightly windy. The landscape here is unique, you can even see the Elba Island and the Alpi Apuane.
The olive-grove contains about 500 hundreds olive trees planted with a very low density (the distance between them is 15 meters).
Their roots are historically important, the trees were planted between the 19th and 20th Century by the first owner of the hill himself: Conte Della Gherardesca. During the 90s the property was completely abandoned, only the devotion and passion of an Austrian couple for this hill allowed the recovery the land. Afterwards we took the olive-grove over aiming to cultivate this land and trees with no lesser passion and commitment.
For this reason insecticides are used at the minimum level (integrated or guided fight).

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